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RIIA’s Essential Readings List

Welcome to RIIA’s Essential Readings List (ERL) page.

Download the current pdf of the ERL.

If you believe that your book, paper, article, or blog post should be included on this ERL, please e-mail Francois Gadenne ( who will review it with the RMA® Curriculum Development Board.

Sometimes, proprietary RIIA® items are significant enough that sharing them widely is the responsible thing to do in the interest of all involved with the industry: clients, distributors, manufacturers, consultants, lawyers and regulators.

The item linked, RIIA®’s RMA® PROCEDURAL PRUDENCE MAP – a Summary of Retirement Planning Levels of Service, is one of these items.

This Summary recapitulates the key features of the RMA® Curriculum.

It is the work-product of our 10 years of collective effort to “discover, validate and teach the new realities of retirement, whatever they may be.”

We use this map for many purposes, including teaching the RMA designation, balancing out topics at our conferences, in our RMJ issues and for our Virtual Learning Center (VLC) webinars.

As any one of us, clients and industry participants alike, encounter professionals advertising their level of service, institutions selling their solutions and even the curriculum of training programs, you can check-mark the boxes to trace their path on this retirement planning map.

The resulting picture usually says more than a thousand words.

Let us know what you think of this map.

In particular, what other features of the retirement planning territory should we show on this map?