Webinar Replay – Strategically Improve Retirements: Growth of Reverse Mortgage’s Credit Line – March 15

Date: Wednesday, March 15, noon – 1 pm ET


HECM Reverse Mortgages provide retirees access to cash based on their home equity via options including a line of credit and a pension-like stream of payments to a homeowner. The line of credit’s size, guaranteed robust and reliable growth, and flexible access provide significant improvement to retirement income levels and safety for retirees across diverse economic situations.


Tom Davison, Ph.D., CFP®

Dr. Thomas Davison, CFP®, is a member of the Funding Longevity Task Force and a NAPFA Registered Financial Planner – Retired. He started his wealth management career in 1998 at Summit Financial Planning, Inc., a fee-only firm in Columbus, Ohio, retiring as a partner in 2012. In retirement he continues his financial planning research by delving into applications of reverse mortgages for retirees. Much of it is available on his blog: toolsforretirementplanning.com

giordanoShelley Giordano, Chair, Funding Longevity Task Force

Shelley Giordano is the Founder and Chair of the Funding Longevity Task Force as well as the author of “What’s the Deal with Reverse Mortgages?”.


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