Replay Webinar: Securing Clients a Full and Rich Retirement – July 26

Date: Wednesday, July 26, noon – 1 pm ET


Puzzled, fearful, and uncertain about how to structure a lifelong cash flow from their assets, near-retirees are either deferring retirement or spending much less money than they safely could with the right guidance. Address the fear, build trust, and provide clients with a full and rich retirement by using:

  1. A framework for tailoring an optimal solution to their individual needs that provides up to 20% higher safe retirement income
  2. An approach for presenting retirement income proposals mixing annuities and investments that dramatically increases the proposal’s close rate

The webinar will include the demonstration of a tool that can help you practice the framework and deliver an effective approach.


Manish Malhotra, CEO, Income Discovery

Manish Malhotra is the founder and CEO of Income Discovery, a framework and software to provide retirees a full & rich retirement. While working on Citigroup Smith Barney’s time segmented approach, he realized the unmet need for retirement income optimization. He left Citigroup to start Income Discovery. He conceived a risk-reward framework for retirees, which was later published in Journal of Financial Planning. Using the objective risk-reward measures, Income Discovery’s algorithms can optimize for a tailored solution that can provide up to 20% higher safe retirement income.

Income Discovery’s framework and software has been proven at multiple institutions, where it has dramatically increased the close rate on income proposals.

Before Citigroup, Malhotra worked in financial risk technology at Bank of America and Nomura Securities. He holds an MBA from XLRI (India) and an Engineering degree from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

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