Retirement Management Journal

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Robert Powell, Editor and Publisher


Launched in October 2011, the Retirement Management Journal® is the first professional journal designed to promote research, scholarship and innovative thinking on retirement-management and retirement-income topics that contribute to the profession’s and industry’s body of knowledge as well as to the curriculum for RIIA’s Retirement Management Analyst® (RMA®) designation. Members have access to current and past RMJ issues. Founded in large part by the financial support of Allianz Global Investors, this peer-reviewed journal centralizes retirement-income and retirement-management papers and in doing so serves the needs of a wide cross section of professionals, including financial advisers, executives, and scholars. The RMJ® also serves to help those who have achieved the RMA designation fulfill their continuing education requirement.


Submit a Paper

The RMJ invites papers from academics, advisers, and other professionals that address retirement-income and retirement-management topics. In general, papers written by and for practitioners are generally published in the spring issue while papers written by academics are generally published in the fall issue.

Submission Criteria

The RMJ welcomes original, advanced papers on any aspect of retirement management, whether research-based or conceptual in nature. There are four tracks of papers: one for academics, one for practitioners that contains largely technical content, one that is generated largely by RIIA’s research committee, and one for practitioners that contains largely practice management content. Each track will be peer reviewed by a separate Peer Review Committee. Papers must be submitted at least four months prior to the deadlines as found in the Publications Calendar and Deadlines (Below).

 Additional Guidelines

  • Only original work that is non-proprietary and can be published in RIIA’s
    RMJ will be accepted
  • Papers cannot have been previously published, or must have a waiver that they may be published, by another journal
  • Papers must include a one-page executive summary plus graphics to explain and support positioning; may not be longer than 5,000 words
  • RMJ will not publish brochures or other marketing materials. Analysis papers, white papers, thought leadership-positioned papers, and the like are welcomed.

Submission Specifications

Email papers for consideration to: as an attached MS-Word document

  • Font: Times Roman / Point size: 12
  • Target Word Count: approximately 1,250 – 5,000 with 2,500 being a typical word count.
  • Please indicate headings and subheads with Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, etc., prior to the appropriate section.
  • Graphs and tables associated with submitted papers should be emailed as an attached MS-Excel file. Graphs and tables may appear in b&w or color format

Copyright Policy

Each author paper submitted will remain the property of the author, with each author granting RIIA an unrestricted license to the paper during the review period, and if published, post-publication. If a paper is not published, the author retains the copyright and the unrestricted license to the paper granted to RIIA upon submission is extinguished.

Peer review

  • Papers will be reviewed by members of the Journal’s Editorial Advisory Board. That board will direct the paper to either the Academic Peer Review Committee or the Practitioner Peer Review Committee.
  • The initial screening and peer-review process takes six to eight weeks. Authors will be notified as soon as the
    RMJ staff has heard from all of the reviewers. While manuscripts are in the review process, the RMJ asks that authors not submit their papers to any other publication for consideration. The RMJ will not publish any papers that have been accepted or printed by other publications.

Revision Process

  • Upon completion of the review process, papers may be rejected, published as submitted or sent back to the author for revision. Authors who address the reviewers’ suggestions can resubmit their paper for final review and publication.
  • Complete and return via email or fax the Paper Submission Form (link to pdf) to submit a paper to the RMJ.