RIIA®’s Summer Conference: Format, Process, Substance

During the first ten years of its 20-year business plan, RIIA produced 20 traditional retirement income conferences in traditional, business conference venues. Then, during our 10th year anniversary gala in 2015, we saw there were four other traditional retirement income conferences happening in that same week.

It was time to innovate.

In 2016, RIIA started a new style of retirement income conference. These have a different format and process, and deliver a unique quality of substance.

Our “RIIA 2.0” conferences are held on academic campuses. Each session is 45 minutes. This format allows for un-hurried exposition and discussion of topics. The topics are selected by our practicing RMA® graduates who attended the prior year’s events.

The two-day conference runs from noon to noon, leaving time for pre- and post-conference events while providing travel flexibility for attendees who must have same-day travel schedules.

The conference is followed by a two-day RMA Master Class. The Master Class is the brain-child of our RMA graduates. While the RMA program provides a basic level of competency across RIIA’s Procedural Prudence Map ℠, the Master Class allows for deep drill-downs on best practices.

Each conference provides attendees a curated selection of printed material that may include books from speakers, RIIA publications, or other conference-specific content.

Learn more and register here. Looking forward to seeing you in Salem!

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