RIIA®’s 2017 Summer Conference – What Attendees Experienced

Last week’s conference brought together advisors, academics, fintech, and financial institutions. What did they have to say about RIIA®’s Summer Conference? “I’m real impressed with the content and the level of the speakers.” “Awesome presentations!”

What did attendees learn? Two words: Monitoring and Outcomes. Retirement planning becomes a measurement of outcomes almost immediately after the plan, based on client and advisor provided input, is implemented. It is a series of course corrections based on feasibility, sustainability and performance metrics. How many course corrections are needed to stay “on track” during retirement? Some would say it’s similar to the first manned space mission to land on the moon, Apollo 11, which was off course 95% of the time.

Following the conference, the RMA® Master Class delivered casual yet in-depth discussions on the changes facing advisors. From the visual representation of “robos and dinosaurs” to the theme from the Conference Program Book – the world is changing and advisors are looking for solid solutions. Says François Gadenne, RIIA’s Chair and Executive Director, “The currency in the economy of attention is style. Starbucks®, Dunkin’ Donuts®, and McDonald’s® have differentiated styles that retain the attention of the matching coffee drinkers. Similarly, advisors use RIIA’s Procedural Prudence mapSM to trace differentiated paths that define their style of competence – “curve, triangle, or rectangle” – to retain the attention of the matching retirement clients.”

You can view François’ summary of the conference in this video.

RIIA members can view all the presentations from the conference in the Members Area of our website.

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