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RIIA Proprietary Research Series

Adviser Best Practices in Delivering Retirement Income Study

This report continues the focus on advisors, provides insight on how they deliver retirement income support and shares the methods, challenges and investments that are used in managing portfolios.

The study details advisor retirement income practices revealing activities that differ radically from the past, from new software and new investment strategies to expanded areas of focus.

This must-read report documents the emergence of an entirely separate advisor discipline.

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Thought Leadership Across Silos

4: The Topology of Retirement: Charting the Landscape: the Retirement Income Market

RIIA created the foundation for its Research Series by looking at all American households based on segments of their life stage and wealth.

3: The Coming Consolidation: Making the Short List

This study shows how consolidation – retiring households shedding financial institutions and simplifying their lives – is both inevitable and actually a good thing for those institutions that remain on the “short list.”

2: Financial Institutions and Retiring Boomers: Convergence’s Payoff or Payback

The report identifies the types of institutions that currently win and the types of firms that traditionally lose customers and their business as they enter the retirement years.

1: Financial Advisers and Boomers: Regular Use May Be Beneficial to Your Wealth

The study focuses on what may be the key for firms wishing to provide additional value to their Boomer customers: the financial advisor. The report proves that getting advice regularly benefits the household’s bottom-line.

RIIA® Household Balance Sheet

RIIA’s Household Balance Sheet ViewSM is one of the most powerful tools in helping advisors work with clients on their retirement income planning and management.

In essence, it is an extension of the familiar net-worth statement, but with important differences that provide advisors with key information on whether or not a household is overfunded, underfunded, or constrained.

Learn more about this tool via RIIA’s Household Balance Sheet ViewSM overview document.