Michael Kitces & Dana Anspach on Growing Your Practice

On Nerd’s Eye View, Michael Kitces and Dana Anspach talk about building a practice focused on decumulation – “…the planning that worked in the accumulation phase isn’t the same type of planning that will work in the decumulation phase .” says Dana Anspach, founder and principal of Sensible Money, LLC.

In this Financial Advisor Success Podcast #29, “Attracting Baby Boomers Virtually to a True Retirement Decumulation Specialty”, Michael and Dana discuss building “The Plan” through a virtual, online process – from prospecting to implementing and managing a custom client plan. Dana notes how using the Household Balance Sheet (HHBS) from the Retirement Management Analyst® (RMA®) curriculum helps develop the client’s level of “fundedness”. In addition, Dana and Michael discuss the pros & cons of planning tools, the impact of taxes, and talking with clients about the “probability of failure” and making adjustments in the plan.

Dana also shares her personal and professional challenges in the evolution of the firm, developing a fee structure and compensating her team.

You can listen to the podcast or read the full transcript. Learn more about RIIA®’s RMA online program and what graduates of the program have to say.

Registration is open now for the next class, which begins September 11th.

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