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Institutional Membership

RIIA has institutional and individual memberships.

Annual dues are based on the organization’s role in the retirement income market.
Two year memberships are discounted.

For membership questions contact: Dave Ehrenthal

Manufacturers or distributors of retirement income products and services…annual dues $15,000 ($25,000/2yrs).

Institutional Member Benefits

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Wholly owned subsidiary of a current RIIA manufacturer/distributor member…annual dues $5,000 ($7,500/2yr)

Vendors to retirement income industry…annual dues $5,000 ($7,500/2yr)

Plan Sponsor…annual dues $5,000 ($7,500/2yr)

Manufacturers or distributors of retirement income products and services outside the United States…annual dues $5,000 ($7,500/2yr)

If you are affiliated with a current institutional member, please check to see if you fall under their membership.

If you are an employee of an Institutional member of RIIA, you can take advantage of the free Individual Membership that you are entitled to by
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Though encouraged to join RIIA, RMA’s are not required to become members. Because of this, RIIA membership and RMA exam and recertification are seperate processes. As a member and an RMA you will receive an email notification when it is time to renew membership or recertify.

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For membership questions contact: Dave Ehrenthal

As a not-for-profit, RIIA relies exclusively on our members for the funding for our projects and programs.