IMCA Investments & Wealth Monitor Publishes Collins/Gadenne “CTR” Paper

IMCA® has published “The Shapes of Retirement Planning: Are You a Curve, a Triangle, or a Rectangle?”, authored by Patrick Collins, principal, Schultz Collins, Inc., and François Gadenne, executive director for RIIA®, in the July/August issue of Investments & Wealth Monitor.

The paper looks at the contradictory, yet prescriptive, nature of popular, professional, and academic literature on investing and retirement planning, and how troubling that can be for advisors whose success is based on offering informed, prudent, and defensible solutions to clients. The paper samples historical literature and highlights the contradictions using geometric shapes as metaphors for the planning styles. It then suggest a new direction (and “shape”) for research and professional best practices, including the Retirement Management Analyst® (RMA®) certification.

Collins and Gadenne presented an overview and summary of the paper in the opening session of RIIA’s 2017 Summer Conference last month. That presentation is available to RIIA members – login in to the Members Area at and select the 2017 Conference under the “conferences” tab.

Learn more about the RMA online program and what graduates of the program have to say. The next class begins September 11th and registration is now open.


  1. Profile photo of Marcia Mantell says

    Nice to see the C-T-R paper out in the industry. The geometric shapes are a really good way to visualize and describe the various advisory models. For those using the Household Balance Sheet, I’d say, “You’ve come a long way, baby!” Here’s to the never-ending opportunity for improvements in retirement income success.

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