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The Art and Science of the Retirement Policy Statement

Thought-Leadership and Best Practices for Retirement Income Management

October 23 – 24, 2014
Wells Fargo offices – Charlotte, NC
Wells Fargo Auditorium in the Knight Theater
430 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28202

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Hosted by RIIA member, Board member and Platinum sponsor, Wells Fargo, attendees experienced the latest in thought-leadership from all business silos as well as its formalization in documented best practices around retirement income planning and management.

RIIA’s Conferences have themes that track the evolution of the industry and we are proud to present this year’s theme, The Art and Science of the Retirement Income Policy Statement (RPS), because it marks a key milestone in the formal documentation of best practices from thought leaders with a View Across the Silos.

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The RPS has come into being for the same reason that caused Charlies Ellis to write his seminal book in 1985:  Investment Policy: How to Win the Loser’s Game. The business of advising clients has changed in a fundamental way, yet again. This time, the cause of change is not asset-driven, but liability-driven with 10,000 Boomers retiring daily and seeking to fund their lifestyle expectations.

The RPS can be summarized in three blocks that map the conference agenda:

  • The Needs and Goals of the Household Client
    The first block of sessions starts with a comparison of the pros and cons of the various “Measures of Fundedness” available to the industry. The discussion continues with testimonies from an advisor turned client, lawyers, manufacturers and academics.
  • The Household Balance Sheet View
    The second block makes good use of the Household Balance Sheet View to better support advisors in gathering, organizing and managing household assets, liabilities and risk exposures information. The benefit for advisors includes better serving their clients and building their practices with comprehensive capabilities around retirement income planning.
  • Risk Exposures, Retirement Allocations, Account Locations, Product Selections
    The final block of sessions reviews conventional and alternative solutions including the future after Target Date Funds and glide paths for product choices in the retirement process.

The event closed with the presentation of the 2014 Academic Thought Leadership Award.

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2014 Spring Conference presentations are available in member area.

Participants explored in depth the value and power of the Retiree Household Balance Sheet in driving your enterprise to success in the retirement income industry.

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