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RIIA 2014 Fall Conference

The Art and Science of the Retirement Policy Statement

Hosted by our Platinum sponsor, Wells Fargo, attendees experienced cutting edge, relevant thinking and curriculum in retirement income management and planning.

RIIA events offer in-depth presentations, thought leadership, and networking opportunities covering retirement income — one of the most complex and critical areas of financial planning.

A Retirement Policy Statement:

  • Helps advisors organize the available data. It also helps advisors apply best practices and communicate with clients.
  • Helps advisors seek and find the missing data that may be critical to improve the quality of the retirement plan.

The Retirement Policy Statement is different from the Investment Policy Statement for the same reasons that caused Charles Ellis to write his seminal book in 1985, Investment Policy: How to Win the Loser’s Game, the business of advising clients has changed, yet again. This time, the cause for change is not asset-driven “… 1958; for that was the year when bonds began to yield less than stocks” but household-driven with 10,000 Boomers retiring per day, starting in earnest in 2011.

RIIA’s description of “Three Disruptions” that retiring Boomers bring to the financial industry shows that traditional Investment Policy Statements only address part of the risk exposures and not all of the risk exposures of the retiring household client.

It is time to formalize the industry’s response to the whole of retirement management instead of just a part of it.

It is time to formalize the Retirement Policy Statement.

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Participants explored in depth the value and power of the Retiree Household Balance Sheet in driving your enterprise to success in the retirement income industry.

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