Perspectives: The Role of Rules


There’s an unresolved debate in the investment community about the importance of maintaining exposure to equities in a retirement portfolio in retirement.   One argument is that a 40-60% allocation to equities in the post-retirement time frame may be too conservative. One-size-fits-all statements are tricky because they can be invalidated with a single counter-example.  The same applies to … {Read more...}

Putting Clients First: RIIA® and The Fiduciary Rule


The Fiduciary Rule is one of the symptoms of what RIIA describes as “The Three DisruptionsSM." The primary cause behind the disruptions is demographics in general and the retiring Boomers in particular. While the Fiduciary Rule affects RIIA members in differing ways, the following seems broadly shared – (i) by broadening the scope of fiduciary conduct, the Fiduciary Rule disrupts nearly … {Read more...}

Register Now for RIIA’s Summer Conference

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Summer may seem a long way off, but as we know in the retirement business, it is important to plan ahead. RIIA is now accepting registrations for our Summer Conference: "Minding the Gaps:  Helping People Move Where They Need to Be.” The conference will take place this year at Salem State University, just outside Boston, on July 18/19.  We already have a very strong line up of speakers.  … {Read more...}

Perspectives: Robo Advisors and Retirement Planning: Echoes of the Dotcom Era…


As a veteran of the dotcom era’s modern portfolio theory-focused efforts at launching Robo Advisors (i.e. Rational Investors/S&P, Financial Engines, 401kForum/M-Power, etc.), a familiar business model development pattern seems to be playing out in the Robo Advisor competitive landscape. Here’s the business model development pattern of the dotcom era: - Starting in 1995-1996, Robo … {Read more...}

Webinar Replay : How Risky is Your Retirement Income Risk Model?


Webinar Replay: How Risky is Your Retirement Income Risk Model? Click here to Replay this Webinar from Wednesday, February 17th. There are numerous modeling approaches available to determine the chance that a portfolio’s investment strategy is suitable for its cash flow requirements. Unfortunately, many commonly used retirement income models are based on implausible assumptions that may … {Read more...}

Academic, Practitioner, Client, Peer-Reviewed Content


Reliable content based on rigorous academic, practitioner and client peer-review Members have free access to RIIA®’s Intellectual Property including the RMA® Curriculum, the Research papers, the pdf downloads of all RMJ® issues, etc. Non-members have free access limited to the “Between the Issues” pdf downloads and the twice-monthly webinars. The general public, including clients worldwide, … {Read more...}