Webinar Replay : How Risky is Your Retirement Income Risk Model?


Webinar Replay: How Risky is Your Retirement Income Risk Model? Click here to Replay this Webinar from Wednesday, February 17th. There are numerous modeling approaches available to determine the chance that a portfolio’s investment strategy is suitable for its cash flow requirements. Unfortunately, many commonly used retirement income models are based on implausible assumptions that may … {Read more...}

Academic, Practitioner, Client, Peer-Reviewed Content


Reliable content based on rigorous academic, practitioner and client peer-review Members have free access to RIIA®’s Intellectual Property including the RMA® Curriculum, the Research papers, the pdf downloads of all RMJ® issues, etc. Non-members have free access limited to the “Between the Issues” pdf downloads and the twice-monthly webinars. The general public, including clients worldwide, … {Read more...}

Market Turbulence: The Value of RIIA®’s Household Balance Sheet in a Down Market


This volatile market brings the value of the RMA®’s approach to retirement planning into sharp focus because it makes its benefits more apparent to those who feel the pain of their prior investment decisions. In particular, it highlights the reason why advisors should start their retirement planning work with the client’s Household Balance Sheet. The Household Balance Sheet provides a dollar … {Read more...}

Welcome to RIIA®’s New Website

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RIIA’s new website (See Press Release) provides access to an invaluable asset: Validated Knowledge.  With more than 10 years of client-focused retirement experience, RIIA is a unique resource for retirement insights, concepts, tools, white papers, conferences, education and knowledge, developed by RIIA thought leaders, academics and practitioners. RIIA offers the most objective, defensible … {Read more...}

The Women’s Market:  RIIA’s Marcia Mantell Profiled in Advisor Magazine


RIIA’s Marcia Mantell, who oversees Consumer education and outreach, discusses “The Women’s Market” in a profile in the current Advisor Magazine. Mantell is the author of What’s the Deal with Retirement Planning for Women, a how-to book that inspires and motivates women to start talking about money and retirement realities. From shoe shopping to learning the language of investments, Advisor … {Read more...}

Press Release: RIIA® Launches New Web-Based Engagement Platform

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RIIA Content and News; Users Can Comment, Contribute to Discussions, List Events and Businesses RIIA today announced the launch of a new web-based engagement platform for members and the retirement community at www.riia-usa.org.  The site combines ease of navigation through RIIA’s extensive retirement thought leadership and advisor resources with the ability to contribute to the site. “The … {Read more...}