Webinar – Using Maximum Drawdown as a Risk Measure in Multi-Asset Portfolios – Oct 4


Date: Wednesday, October 4, noon - 1 pm ET Register Standard risk measures, such as Volatility or Value-at-Risk (VaR), provide only limited information about the risk your portfolio is exposed to. In this talk, we explain how Maximum Drawdown can compliment, and possibly even replace, standard risk metrics such as Volatility and VaR. Because Maximum Drawdown … {Read more...}

RIIA® News – Society of Actuaries Call for Essays


As a supporter of the Society of Actuaries (SOA), RIIA is pleased to share the SOA Committee on Post-Retirement Needs and Risks (PRNR) 2017 call for essays. They seek research and papers that identify potential solutions and new innovations to assist workers and retirees better prepare for retirement. This new group of essays will be used to expand the discussion and complement the previous essay … {Read more...}

RIIA® News: Retirement & CEFs – An Industry Q&A – #9


Is a closed end fund (CEF) useful in providing retirement income? That depends - on your strategy and your client's needs. Financial planning professionals share their perspective with Chris Allen, founder and principal of Investius, at RIIA's 2017 Summer Conference in July. RIIA's RMA online program can help you understand the client's situation and develop a strategy for product selection. … {Read more...}

Replay Webinar: Leading an Effective Retirement Conversation – September 20


Date: Wednesday, September 20, noon -  1 pm ET Replay For most consumers, their goals and objectives start with their emotional needs, their confidence in meeting those needs, and their comfort that you can help them. While there is no doubt that strong analytical skills are essential to creating a successful retirement plan, humans are emotional creatures and thus satisfying … {Read more...}

RIIA® News: Retirement Future – An Industry Q&A – #8


What needs to change to improve the retirement income picture for individuals and advisors?  Hear what financial planning professionals told Chris Allen, founder and principal of Investius, at RIIA®'s 2017 Summer Conference in July. RIIA's RMA online program can help you drive that change. Learn more at www.riia-usa.org and join the next class which begins today, September 11th (the first week … {Read more...}

RIIA® News: Retirement Experience – An Industry Q&A – #7


Chris Allen, founder and principal of Investius, spoke with financial planning professionals at RIIA®'s 2017 Summer Conference in July about the challenges and opportunities facing professionals and consumers in the world of retirement income. Today, Chris asks about the importance of sustainable retirement income and hears true life stories of clients and family members' experiences in this … {Read more...}