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What Did You Receive from RIIA in the Last 10 Years?

Our first 10 years were focused on a dialog across the business silos to understand the strategic view and to address the practical impact of the “Three Disruptions” (for definition and details see our Glossary available – on Amazon – in the 2015 Desktop Reference book) that retirement brings to the financial industry.

As the industry experienced these disruptions, we built an invaluable network of clients, advisors, vendors, researchers and executives. In particular, this led to the development and validation of the RMA® Curriculum to take practitioners to a higher state of service.

Our first 10 years produced a portfolio of membership value captured in:

  • 19 Professional Conferences and cross-silo networking with more than 1,000 members with a strategic view (Our LinkedIn Group has more than 8,000 members)
  • RIIA’s IP, made available to all members many of whom integrated it in their offerings including: Measures of Fundedness, the Household Balance Sheet View, Investment-based planning vs. Goals-based planning vs. Product-based planning, Probability-based vs. Safety-first, the Retirement Allocations, etc.
  • 11 issues of the RMJ professional journal, twice a month VLC webinars since 2014 (Over 80 webinars held since 2010 and a rolling 30 available for replay)
  • The RMA, a professional designation with curriculum publications available on Amazon (more than 500 retail purchases on Amazon and more than 1,300 in bulk purchases since 2013)

What Will You Receive from RIIA in the Next 10 Years?

The next 10 years will focus on the institutionalization of the lessons of the last 10 years in our members’ business and in the context of developing regulations.

RIIA membership will help you:

  • Position your business to better meet the emerging compliance challenges
    • To support its members and its RMA® graduates, RIIA is applying its content, e.g. The Procedural Prudence map, to solve emerging regulatory issues in addition to the demographic issues.
  • Grow your business with client-focused advisors, peers and other professionals
    • RIIA members have a fast track to preparing an elite core of retirement planning practitioners.
  • Gain a time-to-market advantage over competitors whose focus remains limited to traditional in-silo thinking and analysis
    • RIIA Membership gives you access to a deep network of professionals outside of your own business segments.
  • Build customized advantages and opportunities with strategic partnerships
    • RIIA gives you access to advisors who earned the RMA designation, authors who write for the RMJ® , experts who present in our Virtual Learning Center webinars, as well as researchers and academics who are engaged in thought leadership work on our Committees, including partnership with RIIA on the production of White Papers/Thought-leadership for advisors and the media.

Institutional members can scale up access into this network because institutional members receive unlimited and free opt-in individual membership for all employees (a $395 value per employee in 2016.)

Contact RIIA today to learn about how you can be involved in defining the future of retirement.

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