Retirement Income Industry Association

The View Across The Silos


RIIA® was founded in 2005 and publicly launched in February 2006 with a mission focused on:

  • Discovering the new realities of retirement
    • Retirement management is more than “New Labels on Old Wine”
  • Providing an objective and inclusive view across the business silos:
    • “The View Across the Silos®”
  • Documenting, validating and teaching its findings as part of its Retirement Body of Knowledge:
    • “The New Wealth and Consumption Planning(sm)”

Boomer demographics drive “The Three Disruptions”(sm) for the financial industry:

  • The presence of client risks and needs not addressed by traditional investment management
  • Solutions that exist outside of the traditional investment management business models
  • Academic justifications that expand beyond the traditional focus on Wealth

RIIA’s culture brings the financial industry together with a unique “View Across Silos®” creating an unbiased forum for the discovery of the emerging “Wealth and Consumption Management(sm)” best practices, including:

  • The Retirement Management Journal® – RMJ®
  • The Virtual Learning Center webinars
  • The Retirement Management Analyst® (RMA®) Designation
  • RIIA’s Market insights (RMI)

RIIA members:

  1. Access the broadest peer-reviewed thought-leadership.
    1. We are open to all and thus listen to the “small voices” as well as the “big voices”.
      1. How do you differentiate “wisdom” from “amplification”?
  2. Receive proprietary as well as private-label research and publications.
    1. Membership diversity provides objective evaluation of data and new concepts.
      1. How do you grow beyond your own “siloed” assumptions?
  3. Develop a holistic client view based on structural independence from silo bias.
    1. Cross-silo funding makes us independent of product or delivery mechanism.
      1. How do you optimize outcomes for the individual retiree?
  4. Learn from a validated client-facing designation that provides practical training
    1. The RMA® curriculum is based on the broadest academic thought-leadership and the most diverse practitioner validation.
      1. How do you ensure that you work with the complete picture?
  5. Tune in on the most connected place for keeping up with the pulse of everything retirement
    1. Our 10 years of industry presence, influence and experience come from the largest and continuously growing cross-silo network.
      1. How do you discover, validate and learn the new realities of retirement?

Open discussions

Advanced education

Market insights and research

Thought leadership

RIIA members span the entire industry and include banks, insurers, mutual fund companies, brokerage houses, financial advisors and distributors, plan sponsors, researchers, technology companies, marketing firms, academics, and industry media.