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There is perhaps no greater financial issue facing an entire generation of Americans than the issue of creating durable, inflation-adjusted retirement income that can last 30 years or more in retirement. RIIA was founded by 29 institutional members in 2006 to provide a view across the business silos in order to shape the future of the retirement industry to better serve the millions of Americans facing retirement income security challenges.

The founding members felt that existing associations were generally lobbying-focused, and too frequently represented only the interests of a narrow segment, product or silo of the industry. They felt that creating RIIA and belonging to RIIA were necessary action steps to discover the new realities, develop innovative solutions, and deliver better advisory processes within the realm of retirement management and retirement income.

RIIA membership demonstrates to clients and business partners your serious focus on the business of retirement management and retirement income. RIIA has both institutional (companies) members as well as individual (advisors) members with membership exceeding 1,000 members and growing rapidly.

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RIIA’s Achievement in Applied Retirement Research Award

Jeffrey BrownOctober 2014

RIIA Announces the 2014 Winner of the Achievement in Applied Retirement Research Award. Economist Jeffrey Brown who brings his curiosity and imagination to difficult questions about annuities and retirement will receive this honor at the RIIA Fall Conference.

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The Art and Science of the Retirement Policy Statement

Join us October 23-24 for our Fall Conference in Wells Fargo’s offices in Charlotte, NC.

In 2006, twenty nine founding institutions created RIIA in order to discover the new realities of retirement from the perspective of the View Across the Silos.

To avoid being surprised by unexpected developments, the founding members structured RIIA to see beyond the traditional behavioral framing and biases of single silo, lobbying perspectives.

Since then RIIA’s membership has grown far beyond the founding members to include more silos, more institutions as well as individual advisors and graduates from our Retirement Management Analyst (RMA) designation. Learn more…

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